Subject: [WordPress] XSS + ClickJacking Ain't A Problem No More..

Hey there,

Carrying out your site security and WP optimization tends to require you to do complicated work and plugin setup..

.. UNLESS you're using this WP tool + my bonus plugin below:


(HINT: During earlybird you can grab this security plugin for just $10 ONLY with unlimited sites Developer License included)

The WPX Secure plugin prevents any types of XSS attacks from happening to your site and forbid a browser from framing your site for clickjacking attempt.

And it does it ALL automatically w/ ZERO settings.

Simply install and activate the plugin.


Grab WPX Secure from our link and I'll send our in-house WP OmniOptimize plugin to you instantly. This plugin provides an ultra-fast load speed for your site with just 1-click setup of all these:

[+] GZip + HTML compression
[+] HTML, CSS and JS optimization
[+] Emojis and smileys remover
[+] Google PageSpeed, GTMetrix and Pingdom optimizations
[+] And many more!

Ready to protect and optimize your WP sites better than other marketers?

Then hit the link below to use WPX Secure + WP OmniOptimize right away:

Leo (BCBiz)


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