Subject: [WordPress] No API Amazon/Youtube Affiliate Site (2 bonus ADDED)

Hey there,

Want to build profitable WP Video Amazon affiliate site without having to go through complicated Amazon API + Youtube API key setup?

Affilitube WP Plugin allows you to just enter a keyword and it instantly find videos, creates content with video descriptions and add related Amazon products on 100% autopilot:


If you already picked it up then - congrats!
You're in and you got all your API Key bonus.. +PLUS 2 new bonus added!

If not then see the plugin in action today before the second price increase happens tonight and you'll get instant access to my 5 bonuses below..

BONUS #1: List of Youtube API Keys to Use

AffiliTube utilizes Youtube API Key V3 to search and post Youtube videos automatically but I've created 25+ API Keys for you so you can use the plugin right away..

.. It means while other marketers are still going through the complicated Youtube API setup, your site is already up and running ;-)

BONUS #2: WP AliBuilder Plugin
Quickly your monetize your WP site with AliExpress products - while other marketers who use AffiliTube plugin can ONLY profit from Amazon products on their site, your site will be able to profit from AliExpress products too!

BONUS #3: ReviewVibe WP Theme
A stunning affiliate Wordpress theme with responsive design, built-in product review box, product rating, review scorecards and many more!

BONUS #4: AzonAffiliateBar WP Plugin (just ADDED)
BONUS #5: FB Alert Box WP Plugin (just ADDED)

Ready to build your own video affiliate site WP empire?

Then hit the link below to secure your copy + my 3 bonuses:

Leo (BCBiz)


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