Subject: [WordPress] DFY Review Site w/ Top 40 CB Products Preloaded

Hey there,

Want to build affiliate WP site filled with the top forty best-selling Clickbank products almost instantly?

It's now possible using this bundle + my DFY site bonus:


Inside this package you'll get 15 persuasive review articles promoting the top 15 CB products - writing and posting just 1 article alone could take 20-30 minutes, while now you're getting fifteen articles instantly.

.. But WAIT, didn't I say 40 products earlier?

Yes, because I have this cool skip-the-hassle bonus for you below.. :o)

BONUS: Clickbank Top 15/40 DFY Affiliate WP Site

There's an OTO/Upgrade where you can get 25 additional CB review articles.

If you only get the 15 articles on the FE, you'll get a DFY site bonus with those 15 review articles preloaded..

If you grab the OTO (25 extra articles), then your DFY site bonus will have 40 review articles in total :o)

See the DFY site demo here: =>>

Your instant WP affiliate sites comes complete with:

[+] All articles from the FE and/or the OTO
[+] Featured image for each article (no need to find + upload images manually)
[+] Premium WP affiliate theme installed
[+] Legal pages ready
[+] 1-click install (simply install WP then upload the site package)

+PLUS my own custom CB plugin is preinstalled..

.. Simply input your Clickbank ID and the plugin will add your hop link to every articles in 0.99 second - no need to add your link manually to each article.

I spent almost 28 hours making this DFY site, so it's not available elsewhere..

.. Only available when you use the link below:

Leo (BCBiz)


Always write down your goal in a piece of paper, a writing creates an energy and the energy creates a vibe - the vibe then attracts those things.


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