Subject: [WordPress] 4 Traffic-Seeking WP News Sites (auto-update DAILY)

Hey there,

News websites often get Google traffic easier and combine with my bonus now you can run 4 automated WP news blogs in FOUR profitable niches:


In just 5 minutes of setup a complete WP Football News website is ready for you fully-loaded with all of these:

[+] Preloaded with 100s of latest Football news, articles and videos
[+] Loaded with Amazon products + review videos
[+] Monetized with Adsense, Walmart, Clickbank, etc
[+] Custom WP news theme + tons of premium plugins installed
[+] Multiple color design, DFY legal pages and more!

Having several automated WP news blogs is 1 of many great ways to get passive commissions.. because news websites often get traffic easier.

Remember: the KEY here is several blogs, not just 1 NEWS blog.

So I add 3 more automated WP news sites as bonus for you:

BONUS #1: DFY Trending News WP Site
BONUS #2: DFY Celebrity News WP Site
BONUS #1: DFY Gaming News WP Site

Ready to profit from 4 automated WP news site?

Then hit the link below to get started:

Leo (BCBiz)


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