Subject: [WordPress] 20+ Automated Affiliate WP Sites Bundle

Hey there,

If right now you only have around 10 affiliate/niche sites, you might want to build more because niche site building is a numbers game.

To build more WP niche sites faster, check out this WP blog bundle below:

Inside you're getting 25 automated WP niche sites ready to monetized with Amazon, Clickbank or Adsense all with Developer/Flipping license.

And by the way..

.. Does the "ghastly guy with scary smile" on the salespage look familiar?

Yes it's because that is the one and only, he is Adam Jacob!

Me and Adam knew each other on 2017 and have worked on 2-3 site projects - He is a Fiverr's 5 years top rated sellers and I once VC him on Skype to see him working sit with 8 computer monitors in his room, insane!

Check out his 25 automated WP sites bundle here:

+PLUS I got this 3 cool bonus for you..

BONUS #1: $1 Domain Name Database
A database list of websites where you can buy TLD domains for around $1 - this will save you from having to spend $100+ on domain names ;-)

BONUS #2: TubeConvert WP Plugin
This plugin allows you to grab captions from Youtube videos and convert it as articles to your WP site in just 3 clicks.

BONUS #3: WP OmniOptimize Plugin
To load your WP site faster with just 1-click setup of all these: GZip + HTML compression, Google PageSpeed + GTMetrix + Pingdom optimizations and many more.

=>> Grab Your WP Niche Blog Bundle + 3 Bonuses Here

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