Subject: [WP SneakPeek + Webinar] Build Niche Video Site In 2 Minutes ;-)

Hi there,

For the past few months I have shared 3 or 4
Wordpress video themes to all my customers..

(did you receive them? I hope so)

They do enjoy and give positive response,
however it also brings questions like: "How to
automate the video content".

My answer WAS: "It is not built for automation,
you have to post the video manually".

.. I don't like that answer too but that's the way it is.

But TODAY, I finally have a better answer ;-)

This is it =>>

Video Essence allows you to quickly build niche
specific, monetized video sites and comes with
a ton of social elements to help you get
traffic to them.

You simply enter your keyword and it will present
you with lots of new, relevant videos from Youtube,
Vimeo and DailyMotion.

Then you just click the ones you would like to add to
your video site to start the building process.


It's really cool and you can even test it out first
before it goes live tomorrow at 11am EST :o)

If you have any questions please reply me.

Best regards.
Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

Greenbay Seaview Pluit, Tower K 29AR, 14450, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
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