Subject: [WP Site Owner] Store & Install Multiple Plugins at Once ($20 off special)

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If you ever wanted to free yourself from having to remember where you store all plugins you've purchased, and install it one by one then it's now possible..

=>> Thanks To This WP Plugin Vault ($20 off special)

With WP Plugin Vault you will no longer need to remember where you stored your plugins or go through the cumbersome plugin installation process for every plugin again ;-)

[+] No need to remember where you put the plugins you've purchased
[+] It provides a single place: The Vault - to store all your WP plugins
[+] Install multiple plugins at the same time
[+] Install and use on unlimited sites you own
[+] Install and use on unlimited clients sites
[+] And lots of more

This will save you a heap of time, ensure you can always find any plugins you have purchased then install them at once, not one by one.

=>> See Demo Of WP Plugin Vault at $20 OFF Here

Leo (BCBiz)

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