Subject: [WP Site Owner] BlackFriday World-Record Bonus (don't miss out)

Hey there,

Have you managed to secure your biggest 2019 bonus?

You're getting a lifetime WP cPanel Hosting w/ unlimited SSL, 2 DFY Amazon WP News and even two TLD domains are included!

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.. It's a world-breaking record of biggest bonus deal! :o)

There are ONLY two catch..

First, you need to grab this six affiliate/traffic WP software bundle here.

Second, this BlackFriday deal runs for 4days only - and we're at DAY #3 now.

And *drum-roll*.. Here're all the bonus you'll get :

BONUS #1 : Cloud WP Hosting Lifetime Access
You're getting a lifetime cPanel account to our Cloud WP hosting - it's 2x faster with 5x more resources power than Hostgator/Godaddy/Namecheap!

Yes, it's a lifetime SSL cPanel hosting! So you can cancel your plan to spend $100+ on any BlackFriday hosting deal ;-)

BONUS #2 : Two Brand New DFY Amazon WP News Site
Your Cloud WP Hosting account is already preinstalled with 2 automated WP news site monetized with Amazon products and no API key needed: Gaming News WP Amazon Site + Fitness News WP Amazon Site.

BONUS #3 : Two Domain Names Included
We include two top-level-domain names for your Amazon WP news sites above!

You might be thinking it's too good to be true, right?

But it's right here up for grabs and you won't find such a huge bonus like this until probably BlackFriday next year!

=>> Then Click Here to Claim Your 2019 BlackFriday Bonus Today (Hosting, DFY Site Two Domain Names)

Leo (BCBiz)

PS. To claim this bonus you should see "Access Bonus" button on your WarriorPlus receipt, if you can't find it simply reply this email along with the payment email address that you use on WarriorPlus..


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