Subject: [WP Plugin] Scan Your Affiliate Link Periodically In 1-Click!

Hey there,

This 1-click automated plugin is simply amazing! :)

It's called Azon Link Checker and it will automatically scans all the Amazon affiliate links on your site periodically to ensure they are correct and that the product you are promoting is in stock.

See 1-Click Amazon Link Checker In Action + 5 BONUS

Everyday THOUSANDS of products on Amazon go out of stock - or no longer being sold on Amazon.. This can happen at anytime & to any products you are promoting!

And every time this happens you lose out on a commission!

Luckily, Azon Link Checker plugin can fix that issue for you in 1-click!

You will also get these 4 bonuses when you grab the plugin today:

BONUS #1: AzonShop WP Theme
BONUS #2: EZ eBay Affiliate WP Plugin
BONUS #3: AmazeReview WP Plugin
BONUS #4: VidiZon WP Theme
BONUS #5: Shopy WP Theme

Check out WP AzonLink Checker and my bonuses below:

Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

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