Subject: [WP Plugin] Profitable NEWS Site In 150+ Languages

I just got deeply prolific on the NewsBuilder plugin.

And 1 of the most powerful features that I found is the ability to translate any NEWS content it pulls into 150+ different languages, all automatically:


It's perfect for creating geo-specific News Sites targeting untapped audiences!

OR simply build any of this automated news site in minutes:

[+] Product-Specific: iPhone news site, Playstation, MMA events, tourism/city news site, etc

[+] Niche-Specific: gaming news site, travel news site, automotive, gadget news site, etc.

=>> Build Your Own Automated WP News Site At $2 OFF

PLUS you'll also get 3 stunning WP news theme when you grab NewsBuilder from our link:

BONUS #1: SuperNews WP Theme
BONUS #2: Insideo WP News Theme
BONUS #3: TrueNews WP Theme
BONUS #4: GDPR Compliance WP Toolkit

=>> You Get Them ALL Only With WP NewsBuilder Here

Leo (BCBiz)

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