Subject: [WP Plugin] Product-Specific & Niche Specific NEWS Sites

Few days ago Apple released the iPhone XR.

But WEEKS before the release date, millions of people lurking the Internet looking for any NEWS about iPhone XR and many news site owners getting tons of traffic & profits.

That's the power of news..

With NEWS BUILDER you can quickly build product-specific news site and enjoy all the traffic your hosting can handle.

You don't need to write any news content yourself, simply utilize WP NewsBuilder to harness 130+ top news sites giving content for your OWN news sites every day.

You can build any of this automated news site in 5 minutes:

[+] Product-Specific: iPhone news site, Playstation, MMA events, tourism/city news site, etc

[+] Niche-Specific: gaming news site, travel news site, automotive, gadget news site, etc.

Become an owner of your own WP news site with this:

PLUS you'll also get 3 stunning WP news theme when you grab NewsBuilder from our link:

BONUS #1: SuperNews WP Theme
BONUS #2: Insideo WP News Theme
BONUS #3: TrueNews WP Theme
BONUS #4: GDPR Compliance WP Toolkit

=>> You Get Them ALL Only With WP NewsBuilder Here

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