Subject: [WP Plugin] Price Rising: 5-in-1 Affiliate Site Builder.. Amazing Bonus!

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For today's news, have you managed to grab this 5-in-1 affiliate plugin:


Insta eCom is the perfect tools you need to have profitable affiliate sites with products from the top 5 marketplace: Amazon, eBay, CJ, Wal Mart and AliExpress.

This WordPress Plugin will AUTOMATICALLY:

- Pull a list of products based on the keyword you input
- Create posts on each product that is selected
- Insert the product features, description, price, and image
- Embed your affiliate link into each post

The plugin supports 22 eBay locales & 7 Amazon locales, has built-it content spinner integration, responsive design, automatic price updates and many more important features - see complete list + demo here.


Insta eCom will work on almost any wordpress theme, but you'll probably want a special affiliate theme. So here I have 3 WP themes that are compatible with InstaEcom, plus 1 plugin to create amazing review box:

BONUS #1: ReviewPRO WP Theme
BONUS #2: VidiZon WP Theme
BONUS #3: WP AmazeReview
BONUS #4: AzonShop WP Theme

Check out live demo site + my bonuses below:

Leo (BCBiz)
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