Subject: [WP Plugin Deal] Slot Closed, But Still 61% Discount ;-)

Hi there,

Just a few days until 2016, and I hope your new year celebration will be as fantastic as it can be! As for me, I still don't have any plan for new year, but will keep you updated :)

So, today's news...

All the 50 slots for EliteAds holiday special discount are sold out! If you haven't had a chance to pick it up, we still open the door for a few days but at a higher price.

You can still save big though, we cut the price of EliteAds to 61% discount right now ;-)


And b-T-w..

Many of you were on holiday, and maybe are still on a holiday right now (be home early, we all miss you!). So you might missed some of our email update, such as:

The Weekend Bonus Series:

Bulan WP Theme - Holiday Gift:

If you already download them, thank you and hope they will be useful for your current or future projects.

Let me know if you have any questions or something to share.

Best regards,
Leo (BCBiz)

, Greenbay Seaview Pluit, Tower K 29AR, Jakarta Utara, Jakarta 14450, Indonesia
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