Subject: [WP Plugin] Curate, Syndicate & Boost Google Freshness Score!

Hey there,

When it comes to getting free traffic from Google, many marketers focus on building backlinks.. while there's 1 forgotten thing that plays an important factor to rank your websites: Google Freshness Score.

Keeping content updated is important because it shows that your content is up to date & relevant, which make Google ranks the content higher!

And here's the only plugin I know that does that:

EarlyBird Active: WP Curation PRO (curate, syndicate & rank)

This cool WP plugin will update your WP site content automatically then send signals to Google that your content is up to date & still relevant.

Plus it also comes with these powerful features:

[+] Discover & curate content from any authority sites you love
[+] Drag & drop content editor (articles, Youtube videos, etc)
[+] Builds backlinks to every posts you publish
[+] Auto updates content to maintain a High Google Freshness Score

And Much More - See Complete Features of WP Curation PRO Here!

PS. Basically, it's an all-in-one automated solution for content creation, freshness updates and high quality backlink syndication ;-)

Leo (BCBiz)

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