Subject: [WP Plugin] Build Content-Rich Affiliate Site In 5 Minutes

Hey there,

If you want to build affiliate sites faster, check out this cool WP plugin called AffiliRocket here.

With so many distractions coming when we're working, the need of speed in setting up a WP site becomes more important nowadays.

AffiliRocket plugin automates all of these for you:

[+] Delete the default WP posts, pages and comments
[+] Create About, Contact Us and Privacy page in 1-click
[+] Install and activate essential plugins (SEO, cache plugin, etc)
[+] Adds posts, content and images in 1-click
[+] Add related Youtube videos to all posts
[+] Add Amazon products to all posts with no API Key needed

And Much More - See AffiliRocket In Action Here!


AffiliRocket will save tons of your time and you can finish making a complete affiliate site faster than before.

Grab the plugin today and you can claim two of our DFY site package:

Beside Amazon monetization, AffiliRocket can also insert products from eBay, Walmart, AliExpress and CJ.

Ready to create affiliate sites at rocket speed?

Then hit the link below to start using AffiliRocket today:

Leo (BCBiz)

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