Subject: WP HyperShift Plugin - Trouble In Accessing My Bonus?


If you're also having trouble in downloading the bonuses
please let me know - I use MediaFire and their connection
is slow in some country especially Asia and Australia.

Thanks if you have grab WP HyperShift from me :o)

Many of the bonuses I give out actually are products that we
want to launch, but we decide to keep them to our circle only.

And b-T-W..

Winners for the Amazon Gift Card will be announced
on Monday, Sept submit your comment before
this weekend ends ;-)


=== My Special BONUSES For You =====

Bonus #1 - Runbar software ($97 value)
Bonus #2 - TurboRanker software ($67 value)
Bonus #3 - ClickBanner
Bonus #4 - WP Advert Onload
Bonus #5 - CCleanUp Wordpress Plugin

MORE bonuses here: =>

Enjoy the plugin and all the bonuses! ;-)

Best regards,
Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

Paragon Village C6 272, Jl. Raya Binong Kavl. 9, 15810, Tangerang, Indonesia
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