Subject: WP ExitTraffic Takeover PLUGIN.. Must See!

Hi there,

Happy Chinese New Year if you
celebrate it, Gong Xi Fa Cai! :)

This morning I spotted this cool
plugin by chance, tested it out
on 1 of my affiliate blogs and it
works like a charm:

=>> See WP ExitTraffic plugin DEMO right here

We all know that exit popups work.

You will capture more traffic and
get higher conversions if you use
exit popups on your offer pages.

That's why you see me use exit
popup very often, right? :)

BUT, but..

I've never seen something that can
do what this plugin does in 5 clicks.

With WP ExitTraffic Takeover plugin
to your exit popups.

It will make your offer converts like
crazy and you will look like a PRO ;-)

See the 3 demo pages of this
cool WP plugin right here:


Leo (BCBiz)

PS. There is a 72-hours discount
running since yesterday.

Yes of course I wish I spotted this
plugin earlier so I can share about
it to you early too.

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