Subject: [WP Deal] Save 97% On These 17 High-End WP Theme/Plugins

Hi there,

I bought at least 3 products from this amazing WP Fanatic bundle few years ago, and it cost me almost $200 for just 3 of them.

While right now you can get 30 of them for much less than I have paid!

Here're the 3 tools that I've personally used:

- WP Sonic Defender (a security plugin, $27 value)
- WP Ad Hub Plugin ($27 value)
- WP Licensing System (which we use to manage, track & issue license keys on some of our themes/plugins, $197 value)

There are several high end plugins in this amazing bundle that you might need in the future.

So be sure to take advantage on this deal to get 97% saving.

Plus, I also have these 3 extra WP tools you will get for free as a bonus:

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