Subject: [VIP Extended] Instant Amazon/CB/AliExpress Profit Magnet..

Hey there,

Everyone knows that video is the #1 conversion booster.. However most people don't like creating a video - yes no matter how many video creator tools they have!

If you too don't like wasting time creating video, then you must see this time-saver Clips Reel software!

ClipsReel allows you to simple paste any website link you'd like and convert its content into a video automatically, in seconds!

Here're what you can convert into video in seconds:

[+] Your own blogpost or ANY articles URL
[+] Amazon product page
[+] Clickbank salespage
[+] AliExpress product page, and lots of more!

DISCOUNT: Do not use the coupon they put on the product page, instead use our coupon "VIPOFF" to get more discount :)

(they're using a new JVZoo checkout page, the coupon field is located at the bottom.. you'll need to scroll down the checkout page a bit)

Leo (BCBiz)

PS. Our "VIPOFF" coupon should've expired last night, but they extend it until today at midnight EDT - so take advantage today before the price rises.

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