Subject: [Upcoming WP Plugin] Video Affiliate Site In 60 Seconds?

Hi there,

Wow, there are many launches  today.

Lookss like everybody and their grandma
are be promoting them, but I think we
just stay cool today ;-)

Because what you really want to get,
is not coming on today..

.. but it's coming out tomorrow:


Yes, it's a 1-click WP plugin (that is
100% newbie friendly) which builds
fully autopilot video sites for you.

The plugin goes live on Friday, June
24th at 10am EDT. But as 1 of my
top VIP customers, you can have
an early look right here:


Do check it out and let me know
if you have any questions.

Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

Paragon Village C6 272, Jl. Raya Binong Kavl. 9, 15810, Tangerang, Indonesia
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