Subject: [Upcoming PLUGIN] Oh NO.. Amazon Is Getting Left By Affiliates?

Hi there,

The clock is showing 11:22pm here and it's
time to sleep for most people right? :)

But I'm still awake right now because I want
you to know about tomorrow's launch of this
brand new affiliate store builder plugin:


NOTE: Make sure you watch the walkthrough
video that I put on the page :) :)

It’s a Walmart affiliate store builder plugin
and here's why you should jump into this
un-exploited affiliate opportunity..

Before, Walmart paid 3-4% commissions like Amazon.

Now, they are paying 10%!

As a result, THOUSANDS affiliates are dumping
CJ, SAS and Amazon for Walmart!

But you didn't know that up until now right?

Your welcome then ;-)


RetailBerry will go live tomorrow, Thursday
Dec 31 at 7am EST
, so keep an eye for my
email tomorrow for your early bird access
and bonuses.

Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

, Greenbay Seaview Pluit, Tower K 29AR, Jakarta Utara, Jakarta 14450, Indonesia
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