Subject: [Upcoming 1-click Tools] Wow.. Getting PR 6 Backlinks Are Worthless?


It's 1:15am in here, still early but 
I force myself to
wake up so you can see this new software before
anyone else :o)

Ranking page 1 of Google is ALL about high-quality
content and high-authority backlinks, right?

Well's wrong!

Yes, it's a major role, but there's still a HUGE missing piece.

This missing piece is Indexing ;-)

Google will only index about 25% of your links at
any given time. That means 75% of your effort is
going to complete waste.

Until today - This makes sure EVERY link counts:


In about 20+ hours from now, this LinkIndexr tools
will go live. This is a 100% online-based software
that will make sure that your links got indexed.

Normally, LinkIndexr is a $27/month service.

BUT tomorrow they are offering you a LIFETIME access
for a one-time fee. They are really generous! :)

FULL details here: =>>

Keep an eye for my email tomorrow at 11am EST.

To your success,
Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

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