Subject: This Is a NEW Conversion Focus WP Theme

Hi there,

You might already aware that many
wordpress themes are not specifically
built for maximizing visitor engagement
and conversion..

They only focus on design.

So if your website already has a beautiful
design, good amount of traffic and still
have not seen any results, the theme you
use is probably not convert.

=>> What your website need is this CTA
optimized wordpress theme

The theme is called WP ConvertMax.

It is 1 of few wordpress theme that does
not only focus on design, but also built
& optimized for calling actions..

The theme is also a nice complement
to the CTA Builder plugin that you can
download on our Weekend Bonus series
yesterday ;-)

=>> Check out WP ConvertMax from here

Leo (BCBiz)

Greenbay Seaview Pluit, Tower K 29AR, 14450, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
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