Subject: [Software] Exploit This 6 Authority Sites To Rank Your Affiliate Sites

Hi there,

Many people still use SEO to drive traffic to their money sites, and they spend hundreds on getting backlinks or to pay on SEO service.

But there's a smarter & better way to rank your websites without having to spend $100+ per website.. 
by using this new software named Rank Hijack:


Rank Hijack locates "Parasite SEO" properties with high authority in Google that can be leveraged to rank quickly for buyer keywords..

What are Parasite SEO Properties?

They are websites that have high "Authority" in Google's algorithm that also allow YOU to set up your own pages.

Example: Tumblr, Scribd, and more.

The beauty of this "parasite pages" is they can rank for hundreds of keywords without having many quality backlinks at all.

Rank Hijack finds highly profitable ranking "parasite" pages for you. Then you can use those pages to throw backlinks to your own sites.

=>> Get the software & start ranking your money sites

Leo (BCBiz)
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