Subject: [Software + Bonus] Generate 100+ Logos Just By Entering Site Name

Hey there,

Everytime you build a website, you need to design the site logo for it too..

So if you don't want to spend hours designing a stunning & profitable logo, check out this new logo creator software + my exclusive RARE bonus below:


I tested the software myself and using this tool is fun and easy..

[+] Simply enter the name of your site or business
[+] The software instantly generates 100+ different logos to choose from
[+] Keep scrolling until you see the one you like the most!

You can also customize the logo further with 700+ built-in icons, different colors and many more..

.. +PLUS Developer License is include so you can run your own money-making logo design business as soon as today ;-)

EXCLUSIVE BONUS #1: RapidLogo WP Template

A WordPress template to quickly build "logo creation service" page.

Many people earn huge profits from creating logos as freelancers, and now with this RapidLogo template you too can create your own freelance site to profit from people/businesses who need logo for their website!


To monetize your WP site with Amazon products without API keys needed. With this bonus plugin you can create unlimited Amazon affiliate sites and use RapidLogo software to create site logo for all of them.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS #3: ReviewPRO Wordpress Theme

Stunning design WP theme to create affiliate review sites, combined this theme with the No API Amazon plugin above + RapidLogo software to create profitable review sites!

=>> See RapidLogo In Action & Secure All Your Super Rare Bonus Here

Leo (BCBiz)


With just around two months until 2020 arrives, you can feel an abundance of massive success is coming.


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