Subject: [Software] Become High-Paying Video Maker Quickly

Hi there,

If yesterday someone asked you to make him/her an animated intro video, you'd probably said no, right?

Sure you can outsource it and make profit from the price difference, but with this new software, you can quickly become a professional video maker for someone else and keep the profit for yourself:


And the best part?

It's a downloadable software, not a web-based tools ;-)

It's quite relieving because I had unpleasant experience using other video software that is web-based.. they have 500+ users and that makes the load process and rendering process runs VERY SLOW!

While with IntroVideoCreator, you use your own PC/Mac resources only for yourself - not shared among 100+ other users.

Hence, the rendering process runs so quickly and you can have your videos ready in less than 90 seconds ;-)

Ready to tap into the video business?

Check out IntroVideoCreator and my bonus again below:


Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

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