Subject: [Sneakpeek] Self-Hosted Push Notifications Software?

Hi there,

On Friday July 22nd at 9am EST (less than 12hours from now), there's a brand new push notifications software launching.

And this is a much better & affordable solution than other services because it lets you to host the software on your own server/webhost..

.. PLUS you get a Resale Right License to the software :o)

See details here:

But why does self-hosted is so important?

Well.. If you have tried some push notifications services on the market right now, then you might seen these big flaws:

First, they pose limits on the NUMBER of subscribers you can have and they charge you a fee after that.

Then second, they always display their domain names on your push notifications messages (like powered by PushCrew, PushResponse, etc).

And I think it's NOT COOL and pretty unfair that your readers seeing their domain names instead of your domain. Because it means you advertise their services everytime.

Unfortunately, it's unevitable. Unless you have this software:


The software goes live on Friday July 22nd at 9am EST. But as 1 of my top VIP customers you can get an early look of it ;-)

Leo (BCBiz)

P.S. If everything goes according to the plan, then the earlybird pricing starts at $7 and increasing to $9.95 and $17 gradually.

So be sure to bookmark this page to secure your earlybird pricing + all my bonuses:

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