Subject: [Sneak Peek] Change Wordpress To Your OWN Branded Software? ;-)

Hi there,

Hope your week is off to a great start! :o)

This Wednesday there's a cool little plugin that you can use to rebrand & customize your WP admin looks with the branding of your product or service.

It's called RebrandPress..


RebrandPress is the perfect tools if you have clients and don't want them to know that you're using Wordpress.

Me for instance.. (and this has happened several times)

.. I have had a client that said they satisfied with my work and the looks of their site. But later after they knew that I used Wordpress, they never call me again for future projects that they once told & even promised to me.

Instead, do YOU KNOW what they did?

They assigned the project to their designer staff (this guy only know to use Wordpress as a blog and eventually asked me to help him).

At that time I said yes to him, because he offered some compensation and I was kinda need the money - even though it was not too big.

With RebrandPress, you won't have to experience the thing that happened to me above :)

It's going live on Wed, March 16th at 11am EDT.

BUT as 1 of my top VIP customers you can get an early look of it right here:


Warm regards,
Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

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