Subject: [Sneak Peek] 76% of WordPress users are not using this (me too!)

Hi there,

It's already pretty late here in my
timezone but I just can't go to bed
yet before sharing this brand new,
upcoming 1-click backup plugin!


It's called WP BackupBoss and yep,
backing up you data is probably one
of the least exciting things to do.

Same with me.

In fact, I was one of 76% of WordPress
users who are not using backup plugins
for many of my sites.

But still, backing up your WP site is
extremely important. Because as the
old phrase saying: when things go
wrong, they really go wrong.

WP BackupBoss plugin launches Wed,
Apr 18th at 7:30pm EST
- so unsual
I know - but as my top VIP customers
you can have an early look right here:


Leo (BCBiz)

PS. It goes live tomorrow but the link
is already working - just in case you
want to grab it earlier than anybody
else ;-)

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