Subject: [SiteSync App] Important Closing Update + New BONUS

Hi there,

Earlier this week, a new cloud-based
software was launched and it lets you
to backup, secure & restore any of
your websites on autopilot.

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Most of you already got this software
and the launch special is closing today
at midnight EDT.

So TODAY is your last chance to get
the software at a deep discount! ;-)


SiteSync will backup your websites
(WP & non-WP) on autopilot..
here's why IT IS so important:

[+] If your site gets hacked?
You can restore it immediately without
having to wait for your hosting support

[+] If your hosting suspend 
your account
due to your site got hacked?
You can immediately restore your site to
another hosting in less than 60 seconds.

[+] If your backup file was missing?
SiteSync can syncs your site backup
across DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon
S3 and Onedrive to make it even safer.

And lots of more. Get your access to
SiteSync on this very last chance, or
you will have to pay $97/year later.

Warm regards,
Leo (BCBiz)

PS. Remember, with a single click, you
can download & restore your WP + your
non-WP sites as well ;-)


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