Subject: [Site Owner] Your Own Covid-19 WP News Site w/ Automatic Content

Hey there,

Never in the last decade there is something as viral as Coronavirus..

Be safe & strong during this uncertainty time, but keep grinding and grow your niche sites empire even more.

=>> Thanks to WP ContentFactory & Our Covid-19 WP News Site Here

With WP ContentFactory you can fill your WP sites with the hottest content from 12 platforms of social media and e-Commerce sites in automatic way.

+Plus you get our latest DFY niche site collection as a bonus too:

BONUS #1: DFY Covid-19 WP News Site

Our brand new niche site collection lets you to run your own news site which autopost Coronavirus articles everyday - along with self updating Coronavirus stats around the world.

See Demo Here:

Your WP news site is automatically monetized with Amazon products (API Key is not needed), banner ads, and more!

BONUS #2: Five Brand New Youtube API Keys

ContentFactory uses Youtube API Key to fetch videos, but you don't have to go through complicated Youtube API Key setup because I've generated 5 new API Key for you to use.

BONUS #3: ContextAzon WP Plugin

A cool plugin lets your WP site automatically display contextual banner promoting Amazon products with slick animations/transitions.

Wow, this is quite a huge bonus isn't it?

I hope it's the best bonus for WP ContentFactory you'll see, so go check it out and secure your 3 bonuses through this link:


Leo (BCBiz)


Life is a journey filled with unexpected miracles.


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