Subject: [Site Owner] Set & Forget WP News Site In 5 Minutes

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News sites get the most traffic than any kind of websites and they get the MOST love from Google and social media sites too.

If you want to build news sites faster, use this time-saving WP tool below:


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NewsMakerPRO is a theme + plugin combo to build Amazon + AliExpress + Adsense monetized sites that doesn't look like affiliate site..

.. It cleverly converts your WP site into a news website which tends to get traffic easier especially whenever a trending topic occurs.

[+] Auto fill your WP sites with news articles from 150+ news sources
[+] Translate news articles from/to 150+ languages
[+] Auto replace keywords to your affiliate links
[+] Generate a featured image for each news articles automatically

And Many More - See WP NewsMaker PRO In Action Here


News site need to have 10-15 articles posted daily - imagine how many hours wasted if you'd do it manually.. NewsMakerPRO automate that hassle for you.

Grab NewsMaker PRO today and you'll get these 3 bonuses instantly..

BONUS #1: DFY Travel News WP Niche Site

Run your own WP News Site in travel niche monetized with Amazon travel products in 5 minutes - once the site is up & running then it will continue to post fresh travel news articles everyday.

BONUS #2: WP SchemaMachine Plugin

This plugin is essential if you want articles on your WP news site to rank on Google Top Stories. It will add Schema markup with 14 rich-snippet types easily: News Article snippet, Review snippet, Video snippet and more!

 BONUS #3: No API Amazon WP Plugin

To monetize your news site with Amazon without API keys needed (plus the plugin comes with auto geotargeting links feature!)

=>> Click Here to Start Your Own WP News Site Empire Today

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