Subject: [Site Owner] Cloud Space For Your Website/File/Videos (good news!)

Hey online entrepreneur,

If you want to keep your site backup, precious photos or even music videos on the cloud and access them anytime online, then GOOD NEWS!

You can skip the monthly/yearly fees from Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.

=>> Thanks to 10xDrive + Our Lifetime Google Drive Bonus Here

This was one of the most wanted deals earlier this year and we just REOPENED it due to popular demand - but only limited bonus spots available.

Use coupon 10xearly12 to get $11 off and you'll be getting all of these from now until 2030:

[+] 250 GB or 1 TB cloud-storage (your choice)
[+] WP plugin to create a backup of your WP sites to 10xDrive in 1-click
[+] Unlimited bandwidth
[+] Share Password Protected files + set expiration
[+] Easily access files from any device (Android, Apple, etc) and more

+PLUS no more worrying if 10xDrive still running for years or not..

.. Because you can use your G-Drive bonus for as long as Google still alive and simply treat 10xDrive as a second or third cloud backup options.

Yes, when you get 10xDrive today then you'll secure these 3 best bonuses too:

BONUS #1: Google Drive Lifetime + Unlimited Storage (14 spots LEFT)

Google Drive is the natural go-to cloud storage solution these days, and instead of just getting 1000 GB storage from 10xDrive:

[+] Your G-Drive account comes with Unlimited Storage
[+] You can request custom username
[+] And it's a lifetime account with no monthly fees ;-)

BONUS #2: YouStudio PRO 10-in-1 Software (lifetime account - $97 valued)

YouStudio PRO gives you TEN video tools in one cloud-based software: video maker, video syndication and more! (100% cloud-based, no installation needed)

BONUS #3: SiteApps Builder Software (lifetime account - $47 valued)

Convert ANY website to iOS or Android apps with no app store Approval required and you can send Push Notification messages directly to people smartphones ;-)

Several people missed out our GDrive bonus earlier this year, so hopefully you won't miss it out this time!

Be sure to check out 10xDrive from the link below:

And I'll be waiting to send your 3 bonuses! :o)

Leo (BCBiz)


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