Subject: Site Load Speed Plugin Last Chance (..bonus re-opened)

Hi there,

Wow it's Christmas day! I wanted to wish you and your
family Merry Christmas again and a very happy holiday! :)

Thank you very much for being our preferred customers.

I'm going to spend the whole day with my family today
but just want to send you back this TWO things.

FIRST, the special offer to RapidRanker plugin ends
tonight! The price goes up by $20 at midnight (EST).

We re-open our bonuses so I hope you manage to
grab this plugin at the LAST minute ;-)


Just a 5 second delay in page load can have
35% of your visitors hitting the back button
and leaving your site, never to come back!

Take a few minutes to go fix that now, once
and for all, with one simple piece of plugin.

And the SECOND, our last Weekend Gift series with
3 free bonuses that you might want to check:


Enjoy and until then!

Warm regards,
Leo (BCBiz)
:-) :-)

, Greenbay Seaview Pluit, Tower K 29AR, Jakarta Utara, Jakarta 14450, Indonesia
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