Subject: Rank Your WP Site Higher Than #1 (software + plugin)

Hey there,

Every site owners want their site rank on 1st page of Google.

As a smart marketer you probably want more.. not on 1st page and not even rank #1 - so how about rank above #1 on Google?

I hear your voice.. so here's the software you need:

Yes it's now possible to rank your site higher than #1.. by exploiting the Google's featured snippet technology.

The problem is: Google doesn't show Featured Snippets for all keywords.

But in every problems there'll be a solution. With SnipRanker software you'll be able to expose what keywords that Google show Featured Snippets for!

=>> See What Featured Snippets Are & How to Exploit It Here

BONUS: WP SchemaMachine Plugin

With SnipRanker software you can expose keywords that Google display rich snippet for. But how to make Google shows rich snippet for your WP site?

By using my bonus plugin: WP SchemaMachine.

With this plugin you can add Schema markup to your WP posts with 14 rich-snippet types easily: Product snippet, Review snippet, Video snippet, Recipe snippet and many more!

We'll launch this plugin at $27/$37 later, but today you can get it for free when you grab SnipRanker from our link here.

Leo (BCBiz)


The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.


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