Subject: [Price Rising] Self-Updating WP Sites In 10 Prime Niches (travel, food, etc)

Hey there,

If you want to build profitable affiliate sites on TEN prime, passionate niches faster than ever possible before, then check out this fresh DFY site package below:


Inside this package you'll get 10 ready-to-go WP niche site fully loaded with dozens of preloaded articles + video reviews, premium plugins, Amazon products, Clickbank and more:

[+] Travel WP Niche Blogs
[+] Photography WP Niche Blogs
[+] Seafood WP Niche Blogs and 7 more DFY sites

These niche sites do look fabulous and have that premium feels.. but HEADS up the price is increasing after tonight:

=>> See DEMO of this 10 Amazon/CB/Adsense WP Blog Package Here

.. And once they're up & running then all 10 of them will continue to post new articles + Amazon/eBay/Clickbank products everyday on autopilot.

+PLUS to help you profit faster I got these 2 bonuses for you:

BONUS #1: Site Installation
Skip the complicated installation training, sit and relax while we install those 10 Amazon/CB niche sites for you!

BONUS #2: $1 Domain Name Database
A database list of websites where you can buy TLD domains for $1 or less! This will save you from having to spend $100+ on domain names ;-)

Grab your 10 affiliate WP niche blogs + my bonus here:

Leo (BCBiz)

PS. Commercial License is included, so you may use this package to build 10 niche sites for yourself, OR install them for your clients and charge $47 or more for each blog ;-)

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Sometimes you just need to trust your intuition to make everything working out for your highest good.


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