Subject: [Price Rising] 7 Monetization In 1 Affiliate Plugin ($4 each)

Hi there,

Happy early weekend to you & me! :o)

Not much update so far other than
this 7-in-1 affiliate store builder which
got popular among our customers:


The price has increased quite a bit.

However since the plugin allows you
to profit from 7 affiliate network at
once, it's like you only pay $4 for
each monetization module ;-)

Plus, you'll also get these exclusive bonus:

BONUS 1: StorePro WP Theme
BONUS 2: WP eCommerce Theme
BONUS 3: ZenAds WP Plugin

And 4 more bonuses, see them here:


Soon the price will increase again, 
you quick you can still lock it in before
the price jumps too high.

Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

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