Subject: [Price Increases TODAY] Cool Software w/ Lots Of Positive Feedback

Hi there,

It's almost evening right now in here.

I just back to my place from
wholesale center since this
morning - yepp, I'm an eCom
player too. But I play local ;-)

Soo by the way..

I just opened my email again
and wow there's a LOT of positive
feedback regarding DropMock
+ my 3 bonuses! :o)

See it here =>>

The price has INCREASED a little
bit last night. And Lee is going
to rise it up again today.

So now is the right time to get
your lifetime access before the
price increases TOO high:


And thank you for the positive feeback.

I told you right ;-)

That DropMock is very easy to use.

PLUS.. the quality of the template
the mockup result are also beyond
our expectation.


Let me know if you have any
question regarding this cool
web-based software.

Warm regards.
Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

Paragon Village C6 272, Jl. Raya Binong Kavl. 9, 15810, Tangerang, Indonesia
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