Subject: [New Coupon Code] Build Niche Blog In 30 Seconds

Hi there,

Setting up a WordPress site is time
consuming. It takes anywhere from
30 mins to an hour to set up just a
single site.

But with AIO+plugin you will be able
to build & setup niche blog sites in
less than 30 seconds!


Now here's the latest update..

.. They have increased the price a
bit, luckily you can use coupon code
upon checkout the get 10%
off discount :)

NOTE: Coupon valid until 11:59pm
EDT tonight, so be sure to grab your
copy before that.

Plus, I got these 4 exclusive bonus
to supercharge AIO plugin even more:


Leo (BCBiz)

PS. The coupon code valid until 11:59
pm EDT tonight. So be sure to grab your
copy before that:

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