Subject: [New Amazon Plugin] You Probably See This One Thing Very Often... ;-)

Hi there,

One of many things I like of being an Amazon affiliate is people often buy a LOT of stuff on Amazon.

It's not unusual to see a small $20 purchase grow into a full-on shopping spree with over $500 spent.

You probably also see this thing very often :o)

That's the one I like..

.. Now here's the ONE THING that I don't like.

As a Wordpress user, getting our Amazon affiliate link and the product info is a time consuming task.

You need to login to your Associates account, search for a product, copy the link and then go back to your blog post and paste it in.

If you don't want to go over that frustrations again,
check out this brand new Amazon plugin:

=>> Start adding Amazon items to your blog posts with one click..

This plugin helps marketers like you find Amazon products right inside WordPress, add product descriptions images and affiliate links with just a few clicks! :)

You can watch the demo video first here..


There are 10 brand new, engaging Amazon video for you who grab WP AMZ Plugin from any of my link:

- 5 Engaging Amazon Video in Audio Headphone Niche
- 5 Engaging Amazon Video in Smartwatch Niche

All these videos are created by my video guy and I was planning to use these videos for myself.

BUT no problem, you GO first..

I will order more videos tomorrow. :-)

Before you leave, check the plugin out and see if it is something you'd use.

Best regards,
Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

PS. With this Amazon plugin you can minimize manual work as much as possible.

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