Subject: Make Your WP Site More Secure & Load Faster ..(best plugin COMBO)

Hey there,

Want to make your WP site more secure and load faster without having to undergoing tons of complicated plugin setup?

Then check out this 1-click security plugin below:

How Your Site Benefits From This Plugin?

The plugin prevents any types of XSS attacks from happening to your site..

.. and it also forbid other marketers from iframing your site for clickjacking attempt (aka replacing your Amazon/CB/JVZoo affiliate links with their own!).

+PLUS Developer License is included right away - no OTO needed ;-)

BONUS : WP OmniOptimize Plugin ($29 valued)

Combine this WP X Secure plugin with my bonus plugin and you'll make your WP sites more secure and faster within 5 minutes from now!

Simply by clicking the Enable button on the plugin setting, WP OmniOptimize will load your sites faster by automatically executing all of these:

[+] GZip + HTML compression
[+] HTML, CSS and JS optimization
[+] Emojis and smileys remover
[+] Google PageSpeed, GTMetrix and Pingdom optimizations
[+] Disable comment cookies and many more!

Secure Your Developer License to BOTH Of The Plugins Here

PS. The earlybird almost ends, if you quick then you can grab the plugin and my bonus plugin for just $10 only :o)

Leo (BCBiz)

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