Subject: [Launching Today] WP Contentio Plugin (quick review + DEMO alert)

In just few hours away from now (at 11am EST to be exact) you'll see a new content solution for Wordpress site owners..

.. it's called WP Contentio and it allows you to convert YouTube videos into text-based content that you can use for:

[+] Blog posts
[+] Affiliate sites
[+] Other videos
[+] Sales pages
[+] And more…

This WP Plugin works on a simple 3-step process:

Source -> Spin -> Syndicate

See the video demo + our QR bonus here:

You can grab this tool if you want to generate fresh content fast (with videos + affiliate links inside the content) and save hundreds of dollars in content writer fees ;-)

Leo (BCBiz)

PS. I'll send you another email when the early bird opens in just moments away from now. Meanwhile, check out the demo below:


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