Subject: *Important* Your Cloud Backup Storage (lifetime + unlimited space)

The 7-days special discount for 10xDrive is now at day #4..

.. Still 3 days to go but I've running out of the lifetime G-Drive bonus, so if you haven't then seal your spots while they're still up for grabs:


TIP: Don't use coupon on the salespage, but use "10XEARLY15" to get a higher discount (only if this coupon expires you should use the one on the salespage).

10xDrive gets you all these until 2030 at 95% less than Dropbox/iCloud fees:

[+] 1000 GB (1TB) cloud-storage
[+] WP plugin to create a backup of your WP sites to 10xDrive in 1-click
[+] Unlimited bandwidth
[+] Share Password Protected files + set expiration
[+] Easily access files from any device (Android, Apple, etc) and more

See How Your 10xDrive Dashboard Looks Like Here

+PLUS with my bonus below you'll get more reliable storage than 10xDrive..

.. And no more worrying if 10xDrive still running for years or not ;-)

BONUS #1: Google Drive Lifetime + Unlimited Storage (22 LEFT)
BONUS #2: YouStudio PRO 10-in-1 Software
BONUS #3: SiteApps Builder Software

You can use your G-Drive bonus as long as Google still alive and simply treat 10xDrive as a second or third cloud backup options ;-)

If you already picked it up then - congrats!
You're in and remember to fill the bonus form..

.. If not then see 10xDrive in action & grab your best bonus here:

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