Subject: Got WP Blogs? Gain Youtube Traffic Faster w/ This App..

Hey there,

This cool software went live yesterday and it allows you to make video version from any URL you want within minutes!

Have you checked it out?

(Tip: You can get $3 off by scrolling to the bottom of the page, and click the 'No Thanks' button)

Once the software convert the URL into a video, then you can submit/upload it to Youtube straight from the software to start getting traffic.

Google tends to place Youtube videos at the top of search result..

.. So there's a big chance that your video will outrank the URL that you convert into a video! ;-)


Now you have a software to create video version of any URL, but if you don't want to use other people URL then simply use the software for your own sites..

.. Or use these two DFY site bonus below!

BONUS #1: DFY Amazon Exercise Bike Niche WP Site
BONUS #2: DFY Amazon Treadmill Niche WP Site

Build these DFY sites in 5 minutes -> paste all the preloaded articles link to VidInc -> you have dozens of videos ready to bring traffic from Youtube.

Hit the link below to get $3 off special:

Leo (BCBiz)


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