Subject: Got A Blog? Get Traffic Faster Than Millions of Other WP Sites...

Hey there,

When your WP sites publish new posts/articles, it can take several hours or even a day for Google & Bing to index your new contents.

If you don't want to wait that long, use this plugin below:

With millions of WP sites out there publish new content every minutes, it does make sense if it'd take a while until Google/Bing FINALLY notice your fresh new articles right?

The problem is..

.. While Google/Bing haven't indexed your content, other sites might already get indexed earlier than your site and getting ranked way ahead.

Luckily now with this plugin you can speed up the indexing process ;-)

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When your new posts/pages get indexed faster, then they will get ranked and free Google/Bing traffic faster too!

Leo (BCBiz)


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