Subject: Get Free SSL For All Your WP Sites ..(then add SSL Badges in 1-click)

Hey there,

Nowadays every website that we have should be HTTPS/SSL enabled, as an affiliate marketer I believe you already know that.

And if your WP site has SSL enabled then you should show it off..

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NOTE: If your WP site is not SSL enabled yet, then they will also show you how to get free SSL for all your websites.

Why you should show off your website SSL/HTTPS?

Well, you don't have to actually.

But if you run an affiliate/eCom store where people are more concerned about website security and privacy, then SSL Badges will enhance credibility of your site so it gains the visitors trust instantly and increases conversions ;-)


Grab this SSL Trust WP plugin to boost your site credibility today from our link, and you'll get instant access to our 3 special bonus:

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PS. Developer License is included right away, no OTO/upgraded need ;-)

Leo (BCBiz)


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