Subject: [EarlyBird ENDING] Manage Your WP Sites On The Cloud

Hi there,

As your WordPress sites grow over
time, they become more complex..

.. and when you have lots of Wordpress
sites you need to have a backup for
each of them.

But that would super burdensome right?

Yes, but not anymore! With this new
web app called 1ClickWP you can install,
backup, clone, migrating & manage 5, 10
or even 100s Wordpress sites easily :)

See the demo + launch review + my bonus:

By the way in just few hours away from
now the early bird coupon will be gone..

.. so be sure to check it out & use the
coupon code "SEPT12" to get 5% off.


Leo (BCBiz)

PS. I think I'm starting a bit under the
weather.. luckily there's still Ester C on
my storage ;-)

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