Subject: EXPLOIT Google Data For Auto Content + Traffic.. (cool WP plugin)

Hey there

Did you hear about a new WP plugin that can exploit Google's data?

It's called WP Content Ranker:

This smart WordPress plugin will reverse engineers the top 10 ranking sites in Google for ANY keywords.. then based on the data, it will:

[+] Create optimized content based on that keywords
[+] Get your site indexed and ranked for more keywords
[+] Syndicate all of your posts to social sites in 1-click
[+] Auto add interactive tabbed-content on your posts
[+] Scan & revive old posts w/ fresh content & backlinks

And lots more! Many of our customers are loving this amazing Wordpress plugin. Hopefully you've managed to grab it too last night?

.. If you haven't, do it today because it is on a DIMESALE so go see WP Content Ranker in action now before the price goes up even further ;-)

PLUS I've just added these 4 bonuses for you:

Bonus #1: ReviewPRO WP Theme
Bonus #2: SuperNews WP Theme
Bonus #3: WP Affiliate Deal Builder
Bonus #4: WP Scroll Ads PRO Plugin

Click Here To Get WP ContentRanker + Our 4 Bonuses

Leo (BCBiz)

PS. Be sure to check out the salespage carefully, you'll find out that WP Content Ranker actually has 6-7 functions that make it so powerful - from content creation, competition research, social links, etc.

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