Subject: [ENDING TODAY] One Super Wordpress Plugin We Needed ;-)

Hi there,

Just a quick reminder... 
The special launch discount for Backup Creator v3 is ending today and I wanted to make sure you didn't miss it.

=>> Backup, clone & protect your site - Claim your last day discount

And by THE way..

On my yesterday's email, I mentioned about making a cup of TORAJA coffee ;-) If you're wondering, no it's not a variant of civet coffee.

But coffee from Toraja, a place/region on my country :)

It's got a unique taste, but for me civet coffee has a better taste. 
However, still, if you are a coffee enthusiast then you should try Toraja coffee at least once ;-)

Now, BACK to the backup plugin..

Where others have failed, BackupCreator 3.0 exceeds. And t
oday is the LAST day you can get it for only $14.95 (normally, it's $47)

** Three Wordpress Theme Bonus **

Watch the DEMO video first, then if you buy this 1-click backup plugin, I got three Wordpress themes that you can download for free:

Bonus Theme 1: GriddLine WP Theme
Bonus Theme 2: Rapid Review Premium WP Theme
Bonus Theme 3: Affiliate Launch Theme


Warm regards,
Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

Paragon Village C6 272, Jl. Raya Binong Kavl. 9, 15810, Tangerang, Indonesia
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