Subject: Display Video Thumbnail For Your Site On Google (..TWO new bonuses introduced)

Hi and first of all,

If you're following World Cup, don't forget there is Brazil vs Germany match in just few hours! Who is your favorite? :-)

For today's topic..

.. The 1-Click Video Ranker plugin that I mentioned to you yesterday, is finally live! I've added TWO more premium WP themes as exclusive bonus for you.

For total 6 COOL bonuses that you can get instant access to right now.

Get FULL Details here:


HINT: The plugin adds a video thumbnail that will be shown next to your site's Google search listing, makes your website stands out from the crowd ;-)

If you have grabbed the plugin from Early Bird page earlier, thank you! And please visit the bonus page again to download these 2 newly added bonus.

(or just reply my email and I will send it over to you..)

I do hope you ENJOY great benefit from the plugin and all the bonuses.

Other plugin that does similar function to 1-Click Video Ranker is the Yoast Video SEOAnd that plugin cost $249 for 20 website license..

... 1-Click Video Ranker is only around $17 and you can use it on unlimited sites that you personally own.

Such a huge difference right? :-)

If you have any questions please let me know.

Best regards,
Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

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